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Mutinondo Wilderness ZambiaMutinondo Wildnerness Accommodation


The full catering lodge and campsite are well built thatched granite or brick open plan buildings set on separate rocky outcrops with spectacular views. All the rock, hand made bricks and thatching grass are made or sourced locally and the local skills have been a great help in the development of Mutinondo Wilderness.

The lodge has four chalets, bar and dining facilities. Each building in the lodge is unique with its own view and character all designed by us and built by local builders under our supervision. We have two standard chalets, a spacious and a family chalet (the latter two can take one or three extra bed/s respectively). The chalets all have spectacular views and are named after the type of wood used for everything in them from window frames to the toilet seats -everything but the roof rafters, which are eucalyptus. (All crafted by our wonderful carpenter Dickson Chilufya)

Mubanga Chalet is an en suite double chalet nestled in secluded, hillside Miombo woodland. You can lie in bed and consider climbing the big Mayense Hill or just enjoy the view of it whilst you sip your tea or coffee.
Kayimbe Chalet is an open, double, en suite brick and thatch cottage looking across the Musamfushi valley to the inselbergs to the NE and winter sunrise.

MULOMBWA CHALET is a masterpiece. A spacious granite rock chalet set in the granite rocks overlooking eastern hills, sunrises and a sea of trees. The granite hill hugging design, view and separate bathroom with an enormous hand made bath and shower are very impressive. An extra bed can be put into the semi-partitioned section of this chalet.
MUSASE CHALET is built to accommodate families or groups of up to five. You can enjoy the views or study the celebration of local rock art which adorn the walls. Rates for the chalets include early morning tea or coffee, meals, horse back riding and use of the canoes.

For information on RATES please click here.

Rooms are not usually cleaned on a daily basis. If you would like someone to come in and clean your room please ask us.

The campsite is set on the edge of a wooded rocky outcrop with a spectacular view from the HQ (nsaka) offering some non canvas comfort. Cooking areas, comfortable ablutions with hot showers are well designed as some of our campers noted in our visitors' book:

"Very nice. The best campsite I've been to!!"  Hannah and Emily
"Very clean- well thought out location keep it up."  Brian and Margaret
"Great! The only time I've watched the sunrise on the toilet. Thank you."  Jenny

We, our other campers and the tranquillity of the campsite would appreciate it if generators and ghetto-blasters/car stereos weren't used at Mutinondo.

We have limited spare space in our deepfreeze if you need to keep supplies frozen. Please put them in an easily identified and closed carrier bag or container . Activities are not included in the rates for campers.

The lodge is full catering and campers are welcome to have meals in the lodge. See rates page for details of prices.
Mutinondo Wilderness is enriched by its enthusiastic chefs and several trainees who enjoy preparing delicious meals for healthy appetites. Meals are straight forward, "homesome" and substantial including a full cooked breakfast, light buffet or picnic lunch and a two or three course evening meal. Our specialities are curries, casseroles and roasts.

Ingredients are as locally based as possible using homemade pickles and preserves, legumes, fruit and vegetables from the villagers in the district and a wide range of high quality Zambian cheeses, meats and pork products. Generally for all meal requests- the more time you give us the better the meal will be. Catering is pretty versatile with reasonable notice. Please tell us if there are any special requirements within your group. (e.g. vegetarians, religious requirements, definite dislikes, allergies, requests for nshima- Zambia's staple diet, favourite dishes, low cal diets etc..)

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