Self Hiking and walking in Mutinondo Wilderness

One of the few remaining areas of truly wild wilderness where you can pursue your chosen activity and for days not encounter another soul. The options of cycling, running, walking and jogging from the lodge and campsites are endless. The wilderness and surrounds are a delight with uninhabited pure African bush to explore with, 70 km of tracks and trails with spectacular views and places of interest to visit.
There are 70 km of maintained tracks and trails from the lodge and camping sites with spectacular views and sites of interest, rock art, Iron age workings, cycads, orchids, a hawk eagles nest (present permitting).

A perfectly healthy and eco-friendly alternative to bouncing around the bush in a 4X4 and experience places that can't be driven to! Do day rides from the lodge or longer with (guides with in Mutinondo  can be arranged or venture further afield on your own or in a group ( not organised by ourselves, although we happy to offer advice if required.) for several days on other tracks and dirt roads to the escarpment (+/- 30 km), Kasanka (+-200 km), Kapishya hot springs (+/- 300 km), Kabumba Mountain Safaris ( +/- 220 Km ), cycle across the corridor North and South Luangwa National Parks. South to the Luangwa wilderness Lodge / east to near the Malawian border or to the western gate Mano of North Luangwa National Park (+/- 200 Km) 

Plants, birds and evidence of wildlife are pointed out by the local guides who have an abundance of knowledge of the area and its inhabitants. A mobile camp and kitchen is set up for the trekkers each day. The tents are two-man tunnel tents, bedding will be camping mats and sleeping bags. How many places can you walk for 6 days with safe drinking water readily available. 
Maps and guides can be supplied and/or organised by us.
Toilet and litter etiquette 
Bury your excrement and burn all toilet paper more than 50m from the water sources 
Burn burnable litter 
 Leave the area with minimal trace of your visit, take your unburnable litter, photos and memories away with you, and most of all enjoy the experience. 
 If you would like suggestion or guidance on what to bring then please ask us for suggestions, information and alternative tour option.