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Mutinondo Wilderness ZambiaMutinondo Wildnerness Mushrooms and Mushrooming


During the rains (December to March), mushrooming at Mutinondo is fantastic. Hunt the LARGEST edible mushroom in the world (Termitomyces titanicus - "Chingulungulu"), try our yellow truffles (Mycoamaranthus congolensis) and with the help of a local Bisa guide, enjoy many other delicious pickings.


by David Arora author of 'Mushrooms Demystified, All that the rain brings and more.'

Agaricus augustus 

Section Vaginatae 
Amanita Zambiana - "Tente" 
Section Phalloid 
Section Amidella 
Section Amanita 
Section Lepidella 
Section Validae 
Amanita aff. rubescens - "Luvosa" 
Boletes genus Boletus genus 
Xerocomus genus 
Tylopilus genus 

Smaller genera 
genus Afroboletus 
genus Pulveroboletus 
genus Leccinum 
genus Phlebopus 
genus Boletellus

Chanterellus simoensii 
Chanterellus platyphyllus 
Chanterellus miniatescens 
Chanterellus pseudocibarius 
Chanterellus aff. cibarius 
Chanterellus densifolius 
Chanterellus congolensis

Lactarius kabansus 
Lactarius aff. hygrophoroides
Termitomyces titanicus - "Chingulungulu" 
Termitomyces microcarpus - "Samfwe" 
Termitomyces letestui "Katoto or Chlikolowa"

Mycoamaranthus congolensis

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