• Milvus migrans, subspecies aegyptius, the yellow-billed kite, at Mutinondo Wildnerness, Zambia.

    Yellow-billed kite (Milvus migrans subsp. aegyptius)

  • Eurasian Hobby (Falco subbuteo)

  • Steppe buzzard (Buteo vulpinus)

  • Oenanthe familiaris, familiar chat, Mutinondo, Zambia

    Familiar Chat (Oenanthe familiaris)

  • White-Necked Raven (Corvus albicollis)


Birdwatching in the Mutinondo Wilderness is highly rewarding for the enthusiast and amateur alike. Our combination of inselbergs, dambos and expansive miombo attracts a large variety of birds - including hard to find species such as Sarothrura lugens (Long-Toed Flufftail) and Ploceus angolensis (Bar-Winged Weaver), and we have been designated a Site of Special Interest for birds.

The Mutinondo Wilderness area hosts a great number of species that are difficult to find outside of Zambia, and is one of the easiest and most accessible sites in the country for seeing such species. Mutinondo Wilderness is listed as an Important Bird Area, with 362 species on the list as of 2017, and renowned as the best site in the world for several specials including the Long-toed Flufftail (Sarothrura lugens) and the Bar-winged Weaver (Ploceus angolensis). 

Mutinondo Wilderness Bird List: A site of special interest for birders

Downloadable Bird-list (.pdf)



1.        Little Grebe, Tachybaptus ruficollis

2.        Little Bittern, Ixobrynchus minutus

3.        Dwarf Bittern, Ixobrychus sturmii 

4.        White-backed Night Heron, Gorsachius leuconotus

5.        Rufous-bellied Heron, Ardeola rufiventris

6.        Cattle Egret, Bubulcus ibis

7.        Green-backed Heron, Butorides striata

8.        Great White Egret, Ardea alba

9.        Hamerkop, Scopus umbretta

10.       Openbill Stork, Anastomus lamelligerus

11.       Black Stork, Ciconia nigria

12.       Abdim's Stork, Ciconia abdimii

13.       Woolly-necked Stork, Ciconia episcopus

14.       White Stork, Ciconia ciconia

15.       Marabou Stork, Leptoptilos crumeniferus

16.       Hadeda Ibis, Bostrychia hagedash

17.       White-faced Whistling Duck, Dendrocygna viduata

18.       Spur-winged Goose, Plectopterus gambensis

19.       Comb/Knob-billed Duck, Sarkidiornis melanotus

20.       African Black Duck, Anas sparsa

21.       Yellow-billed Duck, Anas undulata

22.       Southern Pochard, Netta erythrophthalma

23.       African Cuckoo Hawk, Aviceda cuculoides

24.       Honey Buzzard, Pernis apivorus

25.       Bat Hawk, Machaeiramphus alcinus

26.       Black-shouldered Kite, Elanus caeruleus

27.       Black (Yellowbilled) Kite, Milvus migrans aegyptius

28.       African Fish-Eagle, Haliaeetus vocifer

29.       Palm-nut Vulture, Gypohierax angolensis

30.       Hooded Vulture, Necrosyrtes monachus

31.       African White-backed Vulture, Gyps africanus

32.       Lappet-faced Vulture, Aegypius tracheliotus

33.       White-headed Vulture, Aegypius occipitalis

34.       Black-chested Snake-Eagle, Circaetus pectoralis

35.       Brown Snake-Eagle, Circaetus cinereus

36.       Western Banded Snake-Eagle, Circaetus cinerascens

37.       Bateleur, Terathopius caudatus

38.       African Harrier-Hawk (Gymnogene), Polyporoides typus

39.       Western (European) Marsh-Harrier, Circus aeruginosus

40.       African Marsh Harrier, Circus ranivorus

41.       Pallid Harrier, Circus macrourus

42.       Montagu's Harrier, Circus pygargus

43.       Dark Chanting Goshawk, Melierax metabates

44.       Gabar Goshawk, Melierax gabar

45.       Black Sparrowhawk/Black Goshawk, Accipiter melanoleucus

46.       Ovambo Sparrowhawk, Accipiter ovampensis

47.       Little Sparrowhawk, Accipiter minullus

48.       African Goshawk, Accipiter tachiro

49.       Shikra, Accipiter badius

50.       Lizard Buzzard, Kaupifalco monogrammicus

51.       Common/Steppe Buzzard, Buteo buteo vulpinus

52.       Augur Buzzard, Buteo augur

53.       Wahlberg's Eagle, Aquila wahlbergi

54.       Lesser Spotted Eagle, Aquila pomarina

55.       Steppe Eagle, Aquila nipalensis

56.       Verreaux’s (Black) Eagle, Aquila verreauxi

57.       African Hawk-Eagle, Aquila spilogaster

58.       Booted Eagle, Aquila pennatus

59.       Long-crested Eagle, Lophaetus occipitalis

60.       African Crowned Eagle, Stephanoaetus coronatus

61.       Martial Eagle, Polemaetus bellicosus

62.       Lesser Kestrel, Falco naumanni

63.       Amur Falcon/Eastern Red-Footed Falcon, Falco amurensis

64.       Dickinson's Kestrel, Falco dickinsoni

65.       Eurasian (European) Hobby, Falco subbuteo

66.       African Hobby, Falco cuvierii

67.       Lanner Falcon, Falco biarmicus

68.       Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus

69.       Coqui Francolin, Peliperdix coqui

70.       Shelley's Francolin, Scleroptila shelleyi

71.       Hildebrandt's Francolin, Pternistis hildebrandti

72.       Red-necked Spurfowl (Francolin), Pternistis afer

73.       Blue Quail, Coturnix adansonii

74.       Helmeted Guineafowl, Numida meleagris

75.       Kurrichane Buttonquail, Turnix sylvaticus

76.       Black-rumped Buttonquail, Turnix nanus

77.       Red-chested Flufftail, Sarothrura rufa

78.       Long-toed/Chestnut headed Flufftail, Sarothrura lugens

79.       Corn Crake, Crex crex

80.       African Crake, Crecopsis egregia

81.       Lesser Moorhen, Gallinula angulata

82.       African Finfoot, Podica senegalensis

83.       Black-bellied Bustard, Lissotis melanogaster

84.       African Jacana, Actophilornis africana

85.       Lesser Jacana, Microparra capensis

86.       Painted Snipe, Rostratula benghalensis

87.       Water Thick-knee/Dikkop, Burhinus vermiculatus 

88.       Bronze-winged Courser, Rhinoptilus chalcopterus

89.       Temminck's Courser, Cursorius rufus

90.       Senegal/African Wattled Plover, Vanellus senegallus

91.       Greenshank, Tringa nebularia

92.       Green Sandpiper, Tringa ochropus

93.       Wood Sandpiper, Tringa glareola

94.       Common Sandpiper, Actitis hypoleucos

95.       Double-banded Sandgrouse, Pterocles bicinctus

96.       Laughing Dove, Stigmatopelia senegalensis

97.       Cape Turtle Dove, Streptopelia capicola

98.       Red-eyed Dove, Streptopelia semitorquata

99.       Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove, Turtur chalcospilos

100.    African Green Pigeon, Treron calvus

101.    Grey-headed (Brown-necked) Parrot, Poicephalus fuscicollis

102.    Meyer's Parrot, Poicephalus meyeri

103.    Schalow's Turaco/Lourie, Tauraco schalowi

104.    (Lady) Ross's Turaco/Lourie, Musophaga rossae

105.    Grey Go-away-bird (Lourie), Corythaxoides concolor

106.    Great Spotted Cuckoo, Clamator glandarius

107.    Levaillant’s (Striped Crested) Cuckoo, Clamator leveillantii

108.    Thick-billed Cuckoo, Pachycoccyx audeberti

109.    Red-chested Cuckoo, Cuculus solitarius

110.    Black Cuckoo, Cuculus clamosus

111.    Common (European Grey) Cuckoo, Cuculus canorus

112.    African (Grey) Cuckoo, Cuculus gularis

113.    African Emerald Cuckoo, Chrysococcyx cupreus

114.    Klaas's Cuckoo, Chrysococcyx klaas

115.    Diderick Cuckoo, Chrysococcyx caprius

116.    (African) Black Coucal, Centropus grillii

117.    Coppery-tailed Coucal, Centropus cupreicaudus

118.    Senegal Coucal, Centropus senegalensis

119.    Barn Owl, Tyto alba

120.    African Grass-Owl, Tyto capensis

121.    African Scops-Owl, Otus senegalensis

122.    Southern White-faced Scops-Owl, Ptilopsis granti

123.    Spotted Eagle-Owl, Bubo africanus

124.    Giant Eagle-Owl, Bubo lacteus

125.    African Barred Owlet, Glaucidium capense

126.    African Wood Owl, Strix woodfordii

127.    Marsh Owl, Asio capensis

128.    Fiery-necked Nightjar/Naguil, Caprimulgus pectoralis

129.    Swamp/Natal Nightjar, Caprimulgus natalensis

130.    Freckled/Rock Nightjar, Caprimulgus tristigma

131.    Square-tailed/Gaboon Nightjar, Caprimulgus fossii

132.    Pennant-winged Nightjar, Macrodipteryx vexillarius

133.    African Palm Swift, Cypsiurus parvus

134.    European/Common Swift, Apus apus

135.    Little Swift, Apus affinis

136.    White-rumped Swift, Apus caffer

137.    Narina Trogon, Apaloderma narinae

138.    Half-collared Kingfisher, Alcedo semitorquata

139.    Malachite Kingfisher, Alcedo cristata

140.    African Pygmy-Kingfisher, Ispadina picta

141.    Brown-hooded (headed) Kingfisher, Halycon albiventris

142.    Grey-headed Kingfisher, Halycon leucocephala

143.    Woodland (Senegal) Kingfisher, Halycon senegalensis

144.    Striped Kingfisher, Halycon chelicuti

145.    Giant Kingfisher, Megaceryle maximus

146.    Pied Kingfisher, Ceryle rudis

147.    Little Bee-eater, Merops pusillus

148.    White-cheeked Bee-eater, Merops variegatus bangweoloensis

149.    Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Merops hirundineus

150.    Madagascar/Olive Bee-eater, Merops superciliosus

151.    European Bee-eater, Merops apiaster

152.    Southern Carmine Bee-eater, Merops nubicoides

153.    European Roller, Coracius garrulus

154.    Lilac-breasted Roller, Coracius caudatus

155.    Racket-tailed Roller, Coracius spatulatus

156.    Broad-billed Roller, Eurystomus glaucurus

157.    Green (Red-billed) Wood Hoopoe, Phoeniculus purpureus

158.    Common Scimitarbill, Rhinopomastus cyanomelas

159.    African Hoopoe, Upupa africana

160.    Crowned Hornbill, Tockus alboterminatus

161.    Pale-billed Hornbill, Tockus pallidirostris

162.    Trumpeter Hornbill, Bycanistes bucinator

163.    Southern Ground Hornbill, Bucorvus leadbeateri

164.    Anchieta's Barbet, Stactolama anchietae

165.    Whyte's Barbet, Stactolaema whytii

166.    Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, Pogoniulus chrysoconus

167.    Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird, Pogoniulus bilineatus

168.    Miombo Pied Barbet, Tricholaema frontata

169.    Black-collared Barbet, Lybius torquatus

170.    Black-backed Barbet, Lybius minor

171.    Slender-billed/Green-backed Honeybird/Honeyguide, Prototiscus zambesiae

172.    Scaly-throated (fronted) Honeyguide, Indicator variegatus

173.    Greater Honeyguide, Indicator indicator

174.    Lesser Honeyguide, Indicator minor

175.    Pallid/Eastern Least Honeyguide, Indicator meliphilus

176.    Bennett's Woodpecker, Campathera bennetii

177.    Golden-tailed Woodpecker, Campathera abingdoni

178.    Green-backed Woodpecker, Campathera cailliautii

179.    Cardinal Woodpecker, Dendropicos fuscescens

180.    Bearded Woodpecker, Dendropicos namaquus

181.    Olive Woodpecker, Dendropicus griseocephalus

182.    African Broadbill, Smithornis capensis

183.    Flappet Lark, Mirafra rufocinnamomea

184.    Dusky Lark, Pinarocorys nigracans

185.    Red-capped Lark, Calandrella cinerea

186.    Black Saw-wing, Psalidoprocne holomelas

187.    White-headed Saw-wing, Psalidoprocne albiceps

188.    Sand Martin, Riparia riparia

189.    Brown-throated Martin, Riparia paludicola

190.    Banded Martin, Riparia cincta

191.    Grey-rumped Swallow, Pseudhirundo griseopyga

192.    Mosque Swallow, Hirundo senegalensis

193.    Lesser Striped Swallow, Hirundo abyssinica

194.    (African) Rock Martin, Hirundo fuligula

195.    Blue Swallow, Hirundo atrocaerulea

196.    Barn/European Swallow, Hirundo rustica

197.    Common House-Martin, Delichon urbicum

198.    Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flava

199.    Grey Wagtail, Motacilla cinerea

200.    Mountain Wagtail, Motacilla clara

201.    African Pied Wagtail, Motacilla aguimp

202.    Long-billed Pipit, Anthus similis

203.    Plain-backed Pipit, Anthus leucophrys

204.    Buffy PipitAnthus vaalensis

205.    African Pipit, Anthus cinnamomeus

206.    Bushveld (Little Tawny) Pipit, Anthus caffer

207.    Tree Pipit, Anthus trivialis

208.    Striped Pipit, Anthus lineiventris

209.    Fülleborn's Longclaw, Macronyx fuellebornii*

210.    Black Cuckooshrike, Campephaga flava

211.    Purple-throated Cuckooshrike, Campephaga quiscalina*

212.    White-breasted Cuckooshrike, Coracina pectoralis

213.    Little Greenbul, Andropadus virens*

214.    Yellow-throated Leaflove, Chlorocichla flavicollis*

215.    Grey-olive Bulbul, Phyllastrephus cerviniventris*

216.    Cabanis's Greenbul, Phyllastrephus cabanisi*

217.    Dark-capped Bulbul, Pycnonotus tricolor

218.    Miombo Rock-Thrush, Monticola angolensis

219.    Kurrichane Thrush, Turdus libonyanus

220.    (West) African Thrush, Turdus pelios*

221.    Groundscraper Thrush, Psophocichla litsitsirupa

222.    Bocage's Akalat/Robin, Shepperdia bocagei*

223.    Thrush Nightingale, Luscinia luscinia

224.    White-browed (Heuglin’s) Robin-chat, Cossypha heuglini

225.    Central Bearded Scrub Robin, Tychaedon barbata*

226.    White-browed Scrub Robin, Cercotrichas leucophrys

227.    Stonechat, Saxicola torquatus

228.    Capped Wheatear, Oenanthe pileata

229.    Familiar Chat, Cercomela familiaris

230.    Sooty Chat, Myrmecocichla nigra*

231.    Arnot's Chat, Myrmecocichla arnoti

232.    Mocking Cliff-Chat, Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris

233.    Broad-tailed Warbler, Schoenicola brevirostris

234.    Little Rush Warbler, Bradypterus baboecala

235.    Evergreen Forest Warbler, Bradypterus lopezi*

236.    (African) Moustached Grass-Warbler, Melocichla mentalis

237.    River Warbler, Locustella fluviatilis

238.    Sedge Warbler, Acrocephalus schoenobaenus

239.    Reed Warbler (African/Eurasian?), Acrocephalus baeticatus/scirpaceus

240.    Marsh Warbler, Acrocephalus palustris

241.    Great Reed Warbler, Acrocephalus rufescens

242.    Dark-Capped/African Yellow Warbler, Chloropeta natalensis

243.    Green-capped Eremomela, Eremola scotops

244.    Black-collared Eremomela, Eremola atricollis*

245.    Yellow-bellied Eremomela, Eremola icteropygialis

246.    Red-capped Crombec, Sylvietta ruficapilla

247.    Willow Warbler, Phylloscopus trochilus

248.    Laura’s Warbler, Phylloscopus laura*

249.    Yellow-bellied Hyliota, Hyliota flavigaster

250.    Southern Hyliota, Hyliota australis

251.    Garden Warbler, Sylvia borin

252.    Common Whitethroat, Sylvia communis

253.    Pale-crowned Cisticola, Cisticola cinnamomeus

254.    Zitting (Fantailed) Cisticola, Cisticola juncidis

255.    Croaking Cisticola, Cisticola natalensis

256.    Stout Cisticola, Cisticola robustus

257.    Rattling Cisticola, Cisticola chiniana

258.    Short-winged Cisticola, Cisticola brachypterus

259.   (Long-tailed) Neddicky, Cisticola fulvicapillus subsp. angusticauda*

260.    Lazy/Rock-loving Cisticola, Cisticola aberrans

261.    Trilling Cisticola, Cisticola woosnami

262.    Red-faced Cisticola, Cisticola erythrops

263.    Chirping Cisticola, Cisticola pipiens

264.    Tawny-flanked Prinia, Prinia subflava

265.    Bar-throated Apalis, Apalis thoracica

266.    Brown-headed (Grey) Apalis, Apalis cinerea*

267.    Miombo Barred Warbler, Calamonastes undosus*

268.    Pallid Flycatcher, Bradornis pallidus

269.    Southern Black Flycatcher, Melaenornis pammelaina

270.    Collared Flycatcher, Ficedula albicollis

271.    Spotted Flycatcher, Muscicapa striata

272.    (African) Dusky Flycatcher, Muscicapa adusta

273.    Ashy Flycatcher, Muscicapa caerulescens

274.    Böhm's Flycatcher, Muscicapa boehmi

275.    Lead-coloured/Grey Tit-Flycatcher, Myioparus plumbeus

276.    Chinspot Batis, Batis molitor

277.    Black-throated Wattle-eye, Platysteira peltata

278.    White-tailed Blue Flycatcher, Elminia albicauda

279.    White-tailed Crested Flycatcher, Elminia albonotata

280.    African Paradise Flycatcher, Terpsiphone viridis

281.    Arrow-marked Babbler, Turdoides jardineii

282.    Hautlaub’s (White-rumped) Babbler

283.    Miombo (Grey) Tit, Parus griseiventris

284.    White-winged Black Tit, Parus leucomelas*

285.    Rufous-bellied Tit, Parus rufiventris

286.    Grey Penduline-Tit, Anthoscopus caroli

287.    Spotted Creeper, Salpornis spilonotus

288.    Red-and-blue/Anchieta's Sunbird, Anthreptes anchietae*

289.    (Western) Violet-backed Sunbird, Anthreptes longuemarei

290.    Collared Sunbird, Hedydipna collaris

291.    Olive Sunbird, Cyanomitra olivacea

292.    Green-headed Sunbird, Cyanomitra verticalis*

293.    Amethyst Sunbird, Chalcomitra amethystina

294.    Scarlet-chested Sunbird, Chalcomitra senegalensis

295.    Yellow-bellied/Variable Sunbird, Cinnyris venustus

296.    Eastern Miombo Double-collared Sunbird, Cinnyris manoensis

297.   Western Miombo Double-collared Sunbird, Cinnyris gertrudis

298.    Purple-banded Sunbird, Cinnyris bifasciatus

299.    Coppery Sunbird, Cinnyris cupreus

300.    Yellow White-eye, Zosterops senegalensis

301.    Eurasian Golden Oriole, Oriolus oriolus

302.    African Golden Oriole, Oriolus auratus

303.    Eastern Black-headed Oriole, Oriolus larvatus

304.    Souza's Shrike, Lanius souzae

305.    Red-backed Shrike, Lanius collurio

306.    Lesser Grey Shrike, Lanius minor

307.    Common Fiscal (Shrike), Lanius collaris

308.    Brubru, Nilaus afer

309.    Black-backed (Southern) Puffback, Dryoscoplus cubla

310.    Marsh Tchagra, Bogagia minuta

311.    Brown-crowned Tchagra, Tchagra australis

312.    Black-crowned Tchagra, Tchagra senegalus

313.    Tropical Boubou, Laniarius major complex, likely major s.s. subspecies mossambicus

314.    Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike, Telophorus sulfureopectus

315.    Black-fronted Bush-Shrike, Telophorus nigrifrons

316.    Grey-headed Bush-Shrike, Malaconotus blanchoti

317.    White-crested (White) Helmet Shrike, Prionops plumatus

318.    Retz's (Red-billed) Helmet-Shrike, Prionops retzii

319.    Fork-tailed Drongo, Dicrurus adsimilis

320.    Pied Crow, Corvus albus

321.    White-necked Raven, Corvus albicollis

322.    Red-winged Starling, Onychognathus morio

323.    Violet-backed Starling, Cinnyricinculus leucogaster

324.    Wattled Starling, Creatophora cinerea

324.    Yellow-billed Oxpecker, Buphagus africanus

325.    Yellow-throated Petronia, Petronia superciliaris

326.    Spectacled Weaver, Ploceus ocularis

327.    Large Golden Weaver, Ploceus xanthops

328.    Dark-backed (Forest) Weaver, Ploceus bicolor

329.    Village Weaver, Ploceus cucullatus

330.    Bar-winged Weaver, Ploceus angolensis

331.    Red-headed Weaver, Anaplectes melanotis

332.    Red-headed Quelea, Quelea erythrops

333.    Red-billed Quelea, Quelea quelea

334.    Yellow-mantled Whydah/Widowbird, Euplectes macrourus

335.    White-winged Whydah/Widowbird, Euplectes albonotatus

336.    Red-collared Whydah/Widowbird, Euplectes ardens

337.    Marsh Whydah/Widowbird, Euplectes hartlaubi

338.    Thick-billed Weaver, Amblyospiza albifrons

339.    Orange-winged Pytilia, Ptyilia afra

340.    Black-bellied Seed-cracker, Pyrenestes ostrinus

341.    Green Twinspot, Mandingoa nitidula

342.    Blue-billed Firefinch, Lagonosticta rubricata

343.    Black-tailed Grey Waxbill, Estrilda perreini

344.    Swee Waxbill, Coccopygia melanotis

345.    Fawn-breasted Waxbill, Estrilda paludicola*

346.    Common Waxbill, Estrilda astrild

347.    Blue Waxbill, Uraeginthus angolensis

348.    Orange-breasted (Zebra) Waxbill, Sporaeginthus subflavus

349.    Locust Finch, Paludipasser locustella

350.    Black-chinned Quailfinch, Ortygospiza gabonensis*

351.    Bronze Mannikin, Lonchura cucullata

352.    Red-backed Mannikin, Lonchura bicolor

353.    Variable/Dusky Indigobird, Vidua funerea

354.    Pin-tailed Whydah/Widow, Vidua macroura

355.    Broad-tailed Paradise Whydah/Widow, Vidua paradisea

356.    Yellow-fronted Canary, Serinus mozambicus

357.    Bully/Brimstone Canary, Serinus sulphuratus

358.    Black-eared Seed-eater, Crithagra gularis

359.    Stripe-breasted Seed-eater, Serinus reichardi

360.    Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting, Emberiza tahapisa

361.    Golden-breasted Bunting, Emberiza flaviventris

362.    Cabanis's Bunting, Emberiza cabanisi


Records marked with an asterisk (*) are not typically included on lists in Africa south of the Zambezi. 



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