We don't promise that you will see wildlife during your visit to Mutinondo. The hunting from local villagers and type of vegetation keep the wide variety of game well hidden. Mutinondo mammals are truly wild, unprotected by fence and government so if you do see something you are very lucky. The animals have a very wide range within the area and fencing would be detrimental to their natural wanderings and would help the hunters in cornering the animals and the wire would be a very good source of material to make snares.

We try to work with the community to encourage them not to hunt illegally and offer opportunities of alternative incomes but unfortunately hunters are not farmers and the local legal system is not committed to enforcing the wildlife laws.


  • Thick tailed bushbaby - Otolemur crassicandatus
  • South African lesser bushbaby - Galago moholi 
  • Yellow baboon - Papio cynocephalus 
  • Vervet monkey - Cercopithecus aethiops 
  • Smith's red rock rabbit - Pronolagus rupestris 
  • Scrub hare - Lepus saxatilis 
  • Cape porcupine - Hystrix africaeaustralis 
  • Rock dormouse - Graphiurus (Claviglis) murinus 
  • Tree squirrel - Paraxerus cepapi 
  • Greater canerat - Thyronomys swinderianus 
  • Lesser canerat - Thyronomys gregoriarius 
  • Leopard - Panthera pordus 
  • Caracal - Felis caracal 
  • Side-striped jackal -Canis adustus 
  • Cape clawless otter - Aonyx capensis 
  • Honey badger - Melvora capensis 
  • African civet - Civettictis civetta 
  • Large spotted genet -Genetta tigrina 
  • Slender mongoose - Galerella sanguinnea 
  • Rock hyrax - Procavia capensis 
  • Antbear - Orycteropus afer 
  • Bushpig - Potamochoerus porcus 
  • Warthog - Phacochoerus aethiopicus 
  • Lichtenstein's hartebeest -Alcephalus lichtensteinii 
  • Common duiker - Sylviocapta grimmia 
  • Roan -Hippotragus equinus 
  • Sable - Hoppotragus niger 
  • Klipspringer - Oreotragus oreotragus 
  • Sharpe's grysberg -Raphicerus sharpei 
  • Sitatunga - Tragelaphus spekei 
  • Bushbuck - Tragelaphus scriptus 
  • Eland - Taurotragus oryx 
  • Reedbuck - Redunca arundinium


  • Blue monkey Cercopithecus mitis opisthosticus 
  • Spotted hyena Crocuta crocuta
  • Lion Panthera leo 
  • Kudu Tragelaphus strepsiceras 
    Spring hare Pedetes 
  • Hyena Crocuta crocuta