Guest Information

Early morning tea and coffee

Early morning tea and coffee - Tea or coffee is served at your chalet in the morning. Please inform the kitchen team in the evening what time you prefer it. Could you bring your baskets back up when you come for breakfast in the morning?


Meals - Breakfast is usually served from 7.30am but we don't mind organising it earlier or later - just let us know the evening before. To ensure you don't have to rush back from hiking/bird watching, lunch is served from 1pm to 4pm. If you wuld prefer a packed lunch please order one at breakfast. Dinner is usually served at 7.30pm. If you would like to eat earlier or have early meals prepared fro the children please ask us. There is a set menu. Please tell us if you have any particular likes, dislikes, allergies etc.


Drinks - Our bar is self-service, please help yourself and record your drinks in the book provided. The bottle opener is in the beak of the ground hornbill, hook the bottle top onto the bottom jaw and tilt the bottle upwards. Water from the taps and river is safe to drink (and delicious).


Chalets - We hope you enjoy our lovely chalets. Each is named after the specific local timber used in it for making the beams, fitings and furniture. All the woodwork (including the window and door catches and toilet seats) is hand crafted from a variety of local timbers including Musase (Albezia antunusiana), Kaimbi (Erythrophieum africana), Mubanga (Pericopsis angolensis) and Mulombwa (Pterocrpus angolensis). Youu will find a drawing of the tree in your chalet.

Hot water

Hot water - Water is solar heated and is hottest in the early evening. Each chalet also has a backup boiler that can be heated with firewood. If the water in the solar boiler is not hot enough, or if you have used hot water in the evening and would like hot water again in the morning, please inform the team at what time to start the wood boiller. These typically take 45 minutes to heat up.


Lights - Each chalet should have a mobile solar light in addition to the fixed lights. Please bring the mobile solar lights to reception when you come up in the morning so that we can charge them for you. Unfortunately the lights are proving fragile, please handle with care.

Protection of the environment

Protection of the environment - Please leave flora intact and discourage children from picking plants especially the Ceswa which looks dead but is in fact alive and takes a very long time to grow. Please don't leave any rubbish in the bush.


Rubbish - Please note that Mutinondo has adopted a no rubbish policy which requires guest to take their rubbish home with them. Please bring bin liners and rubbish bags with you. If you don't have please ask us and we will find you something to use. Thank you for appreciating the importance of protecting Mutinondo's environment.

Internet and cell phones

Internet and cell phones - There is limited wifi access for checking emails. Please limit the use of your cell phone to the office / reception area, and campers' rock.


Other information about Mutinondo including birdlists, newsletters etc and can be found in the yellow chalet files and in the bar. You are welcome to look at reference books in the office.

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