Swimming and Canoeing

The Mutinondo Wilderness offers a rare treat in Africa - beautiful, crystal-clear rivers that are safe to swim in. Why not spend a day exploring; swim in the pools below our waterfalls, or take a canoe upstream and float down among the water lilies, listening to chatterings Olive-grey Bulbuls, perhaps catching a glimpse of Ross's Turaco, a Half-collared Kingfisher or an African Finfoot.

Or just enjoy a day basking beside a waterfall, with your thoughts and plenty of peace and quiet.

Crocodiles are absent from the Musamfushi and Mutinondo rivers that flow through the wilderness areas, and only very rarely do lone hippos wander up from the valley. Bilharzia is also not known in the area, so guests can enjoy a relaxing swim without any worries. 

We also have two small canoes kept at Choso falls, which guests are welcome to use to paddle up the relatively calm section of river above Choso, although we do ask that canoes and paddles are safely secured in their original locations when guests have finished with them. 


Being Safe

All visitors to the Mutinondo area make use of the rivers at their own risk. 

In high-flow, some areas may not be safe for swimmers, as currents can become dangerous. This is particularly true close to waterfalls or rapids. 

The water can be chilly, so please make sure that you take a towel with you if swimming during the cooler months. 

Please do be aware that riverine rocks can be slippery, and take care when getting in and out.