We like to facilitate and encourage research in the area and offer special rates for scientists wanting to do research in the Mutinondo Wilderness Area for prolonged periods of time. So far, botany, birds, butterflies and wet season array of fungi have been the main interest for research - apparently, 36 unidentified boletes (mushrooms) were collected in the four days a mushroom expert visited us.

We have an unusual type of double collared sunbird, which is being studied for ID purposes. Paul Smith from Kew Gardens, Mike Bingham from Lusaka, Augustine Chikuni from Malawi, and Noah Zimba and Clement Chishala from the Kitwe Forest Department have all contributed generously towards the botany records of the area.

A previously unidentified Charaxes butterfly has been collected at the Mutinondo.

The late geologist Patrick Mumba was studying the granite outcrops between Mutinondo and Kapiri Mposhi. We hope that this and his other papers and thesis will be published in honour of his abundant work, enthusiasm and knowledge of Zambian Geology.