The stories behind naming of sites and rocks (inselbergs)

Mike and Lari first the owners of Mutinondo Wilderness, found local names which had been given to some of the dambos (wetlands) and land marks others have named by them.

  • Mutinondo is name of the wilderness as it is one of the rivers that runs through the wilderness and is closest to, were the camp site and lodge has been established. The river it is self is a local triable name. 
  • Mayense inselberg and little Mayense, a local name, named after a man who`s vehicle broke down at the foot of the highest inselberg, the engine is still in a gully at its foot. 
  • Kankonde means banana as there are wild un-edible banana plants growing at it`s base.  
  • The caterpillar so named due to its wavy rolling spine. 
  • Mbeya rock a local name for grandmother and so named after Lari`s Mother who was accompanied by her husband and Quinten’s parents when they were in their late 70`s. 
  • Quentin’s rock so named After Quentin Allen as Mike & Lari first climbed this inselberg with him 
  • Big Chipundu dambo (wet-land) A local name for the tree that grows there in abundance.,. 
  • Vicky`s rock first climbed with Mike, Lari and daughter Vicky. 
  • Charlie`s rock First climbed with Mike, Lari and son Charlie. 
  • Kabasano dambo, over a hundred years ago there was a local settlement here and the wives of the chief used to gather at this site. Kabasano is the local term to describe the collective name of the tribal chief’s wives.  
  • Kapinda`s rock named after a poacher who died close by crossing the Musamfushi River. 
  • Paradise pool it is very beautiful and Lari named it, as there are and abundance of the bird Paradise fly catchers the 
  • Julian`s rock A friend of Mike & Lari with whom they first climbed this inselberg with. 
  • Ndubaluba water falls a wide spread o called as the bird Ross`s Turaco frequents the area and the word is onomatopoeic representing the birds call. 
  • Klipspringer rock Mike named this rock as the Klipspringers are often seen of this inselberg. 
  • Choso water falls, local name for water fowl which inhabit the river there. 
  • Camper`s rock close to the Mayense camp site with spectacular views and one of the few spots in the wilderness where you might get a good cell signal. 
  • Leopard rock, leopards are sometimes seen on this rock and the first time one was spotted here was by Mike in the 90`s  
  • Kite rock Mike & Lari first climbed this inselberg with their nephews on a windy day a flew Kites with them  
    Biobo dambo, named after a hunter who used to hunt extensively at this dambo.  
  • Peter`s dambo, Peter Kabanshi who has now passed used to poach game at this site.  
  • Hyrax Hill, Hyraxes also called dassies, are small, thickset, herbivorous mammals in the order Hyracoidea.Hyraxes are well-furred, rotund animals with short tails. Typically, they measure between 30 and 70 cm (12 and 28 in) long and weigh between 2 and 5 kg (4.4 and 11 lb). They are superficially similar to pikas or rodents ...
  • Kansansala rock, the local name for Sable Antelope often seen on this rock. 
  • Mafoni dambo    Mafoni hills a mines surveyor many years ago walk around with head phones Mafoni is the local term for head phones.   
  • Confluence rock were the Musamfushi and Mutinondo rivers meet.